Must-Have Tools We Use To Sell Your Home Faster

Must-Have Tools We Use To Sell Your Home Faster

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  • 11/13/22

It can be daunting to sell a home, and there are many steps in the process. Everything from pricing to staging and creating curb appeal needs to be considered. As expert agents in the competitive D.C., Virginia, and Maryland real estate markets, we have various techniques to help with that.

We can guide you through the processes of doing everything necessary to prepare your home, set the stage for success, and get a jump start on marketing. Instead of worrying about the little details, let us ease your mind and simplify the selling process.

With nearly a decade of experience as a team dedicated to modern homes, we pride ourselves on being committed and knowledgeable in our craft. Our approach is methodical and done in the best way to prepare your modern home for the market. Using a handful of tools and partnering with leading professionals in the area, we can focus on getting your home sold in a short time frame. Here is a list of our must-have tools and selling techniques at listModern.

Photographic technology

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When selling luxury D.C., Maryland, or Virginia homes, real estate technology can go a long way in helping to market your property effectively. By working with a highly-skilled professional photographer, we can obtain a compelling set of images and videos that will get your home shown and attract offers from the most discerning buyers.

Ensuring that the photos and videos in your listing are top-tier is a crucial step because the listing photos are the first thing potential buyers will see. Think about the images you like to see when searching online for a home. Are they cluttered and dark? You will likely take a closer look at clean and spacious photos with proper lighting and a quality appearance. So, that is where we start.

Additionally, creating high-quality videos and 3D tours can be a great way to garner additional interest in your property. Your photographer can film a virtual walkthrough of the interior of your home to showcase each space and give buyers a close-up look. It’s also a great idea to use a drone to create aerial images and videos of the surrounding landscape and the stunning exterior of your home. These tools will go a long way in creating video tours that entice buyers to schedule an appointment for an in-person showing. In addition, virtual tours are a great way to attract buyers that might be moving from afar, especially in luxury real estate markets, as well as those who are tech-savvy and looking for an immersive experience.

Utilizing digital floor plans is another exceptional way to highlight the fantastic features of your home online. These will help a buyer get a feel for the house without stepping inside by breaking down the square footage, showing where each room is, and indicating where the windows and doors are. Overall, the digital floor plan will help buyers determine whether the house fits their needs. Virtually staging the home is a similar option that can be useful, especially in the case of an empty home.

Marketing techniques

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Marketing a home correctly is crucial to selling quickly and for top dollar. We can market your home in various ways, but utilizing the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) will allow more agents and potential buyers to see the house. The MLS is essentially a private database created, maintained, and paid for by real estate professionals. What this does is help give other agents access to listings that they might otherwise not see, which in turn helps their clients buy and sell homes more efficiently. Using those same high-quality photos and videos, we can create a home description showcasing your property’s essential features and luxury designs that make it stand out from the rest. Additionally, including neighborhood statistics, school information, restaurants, shopping, and any other desirable area features will help it stand out.

Insider knowledge

Knowledge of the real estate world is vital in selling homes. Whether it be understanding the latest market trends and interest rates or expertly analyzing how long a home in the area typically sits on the market, this insight is an asset to our sellers. This tool helps us market your home specifically to reach the target audience quickly so the house will sell fast. We'll be able to price your home effectively the first time – a critical step in ensuring your home spends less time on the market. Knowing how to look for comparables and what makes your home unique will also give us a chance to strategize.

Our firm is exceptionally unique because we are the area's only real estate team devoted to selling modern homes, and we are truly committed to our craft. Throughout our practice, we've focused on modern and contemporary architecture, working with buyers and sellers to connect with homes outside the traditional styles common to the area. Working with various architectural firms in the area allows us to become more familiar with the different types and elements of the region’s gorgeous properties, which helps us find a unique home to fit your criteria.

Home staging

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One of the most effective ways to allow potential buyers to envision themselves in your home is to stage it. A professional stager will rearrange furniture, choose elegant decor, and use lighting effectively so that the amazing features of the house are the focal points. Whether it's natural lighting, the massive kitchen island, or the storage space, professional staging will ensure your home stands out.

As with the rest of our beliefs, our team prides itself on partnerships. Working with expert interior designers, showrooms, and stagers allows us to offer clients what others cannot. Working to find the best approach to prepare a modern home for the market, we collaborate with them to convey the architect's vision throughout the home. Doing so enables buyers to see the house in a way they might not have imagined—it sparks inspiration.

As you can see, various factors go into selling a home. While it can be somewhat intimidating for sellers, we are here to ease your mind and utilize our expertise to get your home sold quickly and for the highest price. Contact us if you're ready to talk about selling your luxury real estate in the Washington, D.C., area or if you're interested in looking for contemporary or modern homes for sale in Virginia, Maryland, or D.C.

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