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For nearly one decade, we have represented the homes designed by the areas leading architects in the modern vocabulary. Every listing brings new opportunities to partner with, and learn from these inspirational and visionary creatives; while we promote their coveted work.

Through these opportunities, we have become uniquely familiar with various styles, trademark design elements, and their intentions when consciously designing a home for their client, the site, or the elements, for quality of life. With respect and admiration we build a rapport with today’s leading architects, we share our passion, and we exchange our services for the betterment of our clients total experience.

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Leading Architects

We’ve proudly represented and sold homes designed by: Hugh Newell Jacobsen; Robert Gurney; Travis Price; Mark McIntruff; Jim Burton; David Jameson; Salo Levinas; Charles Goodman; Cloethiel Woodard Smith; WG CLark; Hartman-Cox; Gubo Architects; Foster Partners; Hays & Ewing: Robert Mobley; Maeva Michiels; Farshad Farahi; WG Clark; Richard McCommons Angus MacDonald; Bill Brosius.

"Collaborating for years with listModern in the finding and promoting of the modern architectural spirit has been a joy and a great asset to my work...”

- Travis Price, FAIA

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With a depth of knowledge and authentic enthusiasm, we take a methodical approach to best prepare a modern home for the public market and convey the architect's vision to potential buyers.

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